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Personal Injury & Medical Negligence

If you have been in an accident that resulted in an injury, you may be entitled to compensation.

Our team of No Win, No Fee, personal injury and medical negligence specialists, will assess your case, and if you have valid claim, our specialists will provide you with step by step advice on how to make a successful claim for the compensation you deserve.

We operate nationwide and we pride ourselves on our ability to fight vigorously to get the best settlement possible for you, as quickly as possible.

We understand that compensation is only half the battle and our friendly team will help to ensure that you receive the rehabilitation that you need without delay.

Our key No Win, No Fee, personal injury and medical negligence services include:

Road Traffic Accidents

includes: car accidents; whiplash injury compensation; cycle accidents; and uninsured motorist traffic accidents.

Accidents at Work

includes: noise induced hearing loss; repetitive strain injury; and health and safety claims.

Holiday Accident Claims

including: accidents abroad; accidents on a cruise ship; accidents in a hotel/resort; and natural disasters, e.g. earthquake, tsunami.

Military Accident Injury

including: injury from unsafe or defective military equipment; training accident; claiming compensation for retired personnel.

Asbestos Compensation Claims

includes: claims for asbestos related diseases, e.g. Mesothelioma; asbestos induced lung cancer; and claims under the Government compensation scheme.

Faulty Product Claims

includes: poisoning caused by contaminated food; burns caused by faulty electrical goods; and injury caused by contaminated cosmetics.

Sports Injury Claims

includes: football injury claims, e.g. late or malicious tackles; rugby injury claims; cycle injury claims; and athletes injury claims.

Sexual & Physical Abuse Claims

includes: claims for abuse of the elderly; child abuse cases; and compensation for victims of violent crime through the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA).

Medical Negligence Claims

includes: brain and head injury; GP negligence; Dental negligence; spinal injury; medical misdiagnosis; paralysis claims; fatal injury claims; and representation at inquests.


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